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FCC Consumer Complaints

What Are Consumers So Mad About?

There is a lot of consumer angst to go around these days—everything from rising prices to government gridlock. In the age of consumer power, many Americans have had enough, and they are just not going to take it anymore—at least not without complaining. 

Consumers have a standing invitation -- and indeed a constitutional right-- to let their voices be known when they don't like the way things are going.  That goes for everything from taxes to telephones.   And how do we know this?  We went to the source and looked at consumer complaint data from the FCC.

Starting in June 2015, the FCC began publishing consumer complaint data via the Consumer Complaint Data Center.  The topics range from unwanted calls and billing problems to service availability and equipment incidents.  We  found that  Americans are vastly more concerned with issues such as unwanted calls or service problems than they are with the issue of Net Neutrality, which was covered widely in the press. The top consumer complaints at the FCC include billing issues; service problems and unwanted telephone calls

This special edition takes a look at the numbers behind the consumer complaints.